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Type Certified seeds, truthful seed
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Soyabean is also known as GOLDEB BEANS” and soyabeans belong to the legume crop basically native to East-Asia. Soyabean  is an exceptionally nutritive and very rich protein food. It is useds as milk product , for oil purpose  and available as soya chunks.

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Varieties available

Variety JS-335 JS-9305 JS-9560
Malurity 99-105 Days 85-90 Days 82-88 Days
Ex. Yield 25-30 qtls/ha. 22-25 qtls/ha. 20-22 qtls/ha.
Slient Features Absence of hairs on leaves Lanceolate leaves Lanceolate dark green leaves
Determinate habite Voilet flower Volet flower
Perple flower Four seeded pod Four seeded pod
- Black hilum Grey hilum
- - 100 grain weight 12-14 gms

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