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  • Right from plant breeding to variety selection, from seed multiplication to seed production, from seed harvest to cleaning and packaging Quality control is a key factor which plays a major role in establishment of a product. At New classic hybrid Seeds we work hard to maintain the strictest quality controls for our seeds.
  • Generally physical purity and genetic purity are determined through the Field test. Along with that moisture content and vigour test are also an indispensable part of our testing system to keep the quality of the seed intact.
  • After getting a satisfied result from both the test, the final packing is done. Again random samples are collected for germination test at the time of Final packing.

Seed lots received from the fields usually contain several harmful and nagging elements like weeds, higher rate of moisture, damaged seeds, pre mature seeds etc. So, all are parts of processing like Tracing, Drying, grading and Cleaning done in the processing factory. Automatic Cleaning and Grading machine separate the pure bold seeds from immature seed, chaffy matter, inert matter etc.

  • Seeds are not dispatched immediately to the sellers or growers after being packed. They have to be stored for some time in godowns. Improper storage conditions lead to loss of moisture and physical deterioration of seed which ultimately results into loss of germination in seeds.
  • The company has got a storage capacity of over 20,000 Qtls of seeds and we have made sure that all of our storage conditions confirm to best of standards.