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Color Green

Green Peas, also popularly known as “garden peas” is one of the vegetable crops in India and basically this crop is grown for its green pods. Green peas belong to the family of Legeminaceae. Green pea are used in cooking’s, soups, frozen canned food as well green pea straw is a nutritious fodder used for animals(livestock) as fodder.

Other Field Pea : Harbhajan, Vikas,Aparna,Prakash,Vl


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Arkel Early Maturing And Dwarf Variety, Pod Harvest In 50-55days. 7-8 Seeds
Psm-3 Plants Dwarf Dark Green Foliage Pods Long,Curved ,Duration 50-55days,Early Maturing
Classic -10

Also known as GS-10

Medium Tall With Well Spread Lateral Branches. No. Of Seeds, : 9-10 / Pod. No. Of Pickings, : 3 - 4. Average Yield, : 4-6 Tons/Acre. 

Ap-3 Plant Dwarf 65-70 Cm Foliage Green,55-60days Maturity
Kashi Udai Early Maturing Variety, Plant Height 58-62 Cm, Flowering In 35-37 Days After Sowing, 8-9 Bold Seeds Per Pod
Classic 12
Early Maturity With More Than 11 Seeds In A Pod.
Other Field Pea Varities Harbhajan, Vikas,Aparna,Prakash,Vl-42,Aman,Hudp-15,

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